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Porthcurno waves

News and Events

Social events

Recent events have included a series of informal talks from PKRA members on the theme of "Valley Voices",  and a community picnic in May 2023 on the weekend of the King's coronation.

In between events why not test your knowledge by having a go at our Cornish cheese round from the St Piran's quiz we held online in 2021 here.  The answers are here.

PKRA meetings

​Our next meeting is on 22 May at 7.30pm at the Clore Learning Centre, PK Porthcurno.  You can read minutes of our most recent meetings here

Highways and byways

After finally succeeding in our campain to get the double yellow lines extended up the whole of the Vally to the t-juntion at Trethewey, we continued campaigning for a 20mph speed limit in Porthcurno, working with the 20's Plenty campaign.

The campaign featured on BBC Cornwall radio and in the Cornishman, with residents promoting the campaign with stickers and posters. 

The announcement by Conrwall Council in 2022 that Porthcurno was going to be one of the first rural areas to move to 20mph is a great success for the PKRA. The new signage went up in October 2022, a great result for us!

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