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About us


We were formed in 2008 and currently have over 120 individual members.


Membership is free and open to anyone who owns, or lives  in, a property in Porthcurno, from as far down as St Levan Church, up to the junction at the top of Porthcurno Valley with the B3315.


Our aims are to:


  • Watch, protect and further the general interest of its members, and to organise and promote action for this purpose.

  • Support, and help foster and develop, a spirit of community among the residents of Porthcurno.

  • Help protect and enhance the special nature of Porthcurno, its landscape and heritage.

  • Raise funds for furthering the above objectives and to support any other agreed causes or organisations locally.

  • Further the above objectives lawfully in a proportionate and reasonable manner.


It's easy to join, just fill in the form here or email the Secretary with your name(s), email address(es), contact phone nunbers and Porthcurno address. We meet at least three times (more here) and hold social events.


For more information you can download our constitution. We also have a privacy statement that you can download here (Word document).

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